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You contribute to your community when you do a Blue Star Program

In Blue Star Citizenship

you attend camp but there’s so much more

PCYC Blue Star is all about creating leaders of the future, it gives you practical, real life skills that you can apply to work, family and your community. One of our core beliefs is that great communities are made up of great citizens. Blue Star aims to equip you to be the best citizen you can be.

As part of the program you will contribute 2 hours per week for 10 weeks as a volunteer at your local PCYC. At least one of those hours must be serving at the Club front office – we give you the training you will need to do that, and you get formal qualifications and job experience as a result. You can do both hours in the office, or might be able to assist for one hour with a club activity. Each club offers a different mix of sporting, recreational and arts based activities that you may be able to assist with.