Do It!

What you need to do to get involved:

  1. You need to make sure about the commitment you are going to make.

    There are great benefits if you complete the programs, but you have to complete all parts.

  2. You need to register below (Next screen down!)

    Once you’ve registered we’ll be in touch with you and guide you through the rest of your application.

  3. You need to visit your local PCYC Manager to introduce yourself after registering.

    He or she will show you around the Club. If you’re not already a club member, you will need to join. You can complete your PCYC membership here. You should choose the junior membership option, you won’t need to pay the fee.

  4. Camp cost:

    Blue Star uniforms and registration: $100



    Transport to and from the camp

    All Duke Of Edinburgh’s Award fees

    Accommodation and food

    Adventurous Journey hike

    Royal Life Saving first aid certificate

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About PCYC

About PCYC

With more than 60 clubs and centres and around 85,000 members PCYC, is one of Australia’s biggest youth organisations.

PCYC is a partnership between the NSW Police Force and dedicated civilians who strive to see young people achieve their very best in every aspect of life.

The PCYC institute is a Registered Training Organisation within the Australian Quality Framework.

That means PCYC can issue Blue Star graduates with job-related, nationally recognised formal qualifications.


Core Values


Work to achieve the best for your community.


Respect yourself and others


Be determined and see things through.


Live out your values.


Look for the positives in every situation.

Code of Conduct

PCYC Code Of Conduct

Our code of conduct is pretty simple:

  1. Respect the rights, dignity and privacy of others

    •  Treat others the way you want to be treated

    •  Do not tease, bully, abuse or harass other people with actions or words. Do not place them in danger. Don’t take advantage of them. Do not treat them in a discriminatory way because of their race, religion, family background, sex, sexuality or disability.

  2. Keep PCYC a good and safe place for all

    •  Do not bring to the PCYC or its activities, use or be under the influence of illegal or performance enhancing drugs or alcohol

    •  Smoking is not permitted at PCYC facilities or activities.

    •  Do not bring or use magazines, books, games or other printed or electronic materials containing racist, sexually explicit or violent material.

    •  If furniture or equipment is broken, let us know.

  3. Follow PCYC Rules and Policies

    •  We want everyone at a PCYC activity to have fun and be safe.

    •  Report problems or behaviour that put you or others at risk of harm or abuse.

    •  Follow this Code of Conduct and all PCYC’s policies and rules. People who do not follow this Code, our Rules or our Policies may be excluded from participation and membership.

On the Camps, there will be rules relating just to the Camp, and you will need to follow those rules and the directions of the supervisors.

Any breach of PCYC’s Code or Rules could see a participant sent home from a Camp and/or have their involvement in Blue Star end.